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ZinfTheme Class Reference

#include <ZinfTheme.h>

Inheritance diagram for ZinfTheme:

List of all members.

Detailed Description

The ZinfTheme controls the basic operation of the themed player.

Definition at line 83 of file ZinfTheme.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual Error AcceptEvent (Event *e)
virtual Error Close (void)
virtual void DropFiles (std::vector< std::string > *pFileList)
int GetErrorLine (void)
void GetErrorString (std::string &oError)
virtual Error HandleControlMessage (std::string &oControlName, ControlMessageEnum eMesg)
virtual void HandleKeystroke (unsigned char cKey)
virtual bool HandleMenuCommand (uint32_t uCommand)
virtual void HandleMouseWheelChange (int iSteps)
virtual void HandleMouseWheelClick (void)
virtual Error Init (int32_t startup_type)
virtual void InitControls (void)
virtual void InitWindow (void)
virtual Error LoadTheme (std::string &oFile, std::string &oWindowName)
virtual void LoadZinfTheme (void)
Error ParseFile (const std::string &oFile)
Error ParseString (const std::string &oXML)
virtual void PostWindowCreate (void)
virtual Error Run (Pos &oWindowPos)
virtual void SetDefaultFont (const std::string &oFont)
void ShowOptions (uint32_t defaultPage=0)
void StepPosition (int iSteps)
void StepVolume (int iSteps)
virtual Error SwitchWindow (const std::string &oWindowName)
virtual void VolumeChanged (void)
void WorkerThread (void)
 ZinfTheme (FAContext *context)

Static Public Member Functions

static void options_thread (void *)
static void update_thread (void *)

Protected Member Functions

virtual Error BeginElement (std::string &oElement, AttrMap &oAttrMap)
int CountNewlines (char *szElement)
Error DoParse (void)
virtual Error EndElement (std::string &oElement)
bool Eof (void)
void OptionsThread (uint32_t defaultPage)
virtual Error PCData (std::string &oData)
void ReloadTheme (void)
int Scanf (const char *szFormat, char *szData)
virtual void SetThemePath (std::string &oPath)
void SetVolume (int iVolume, int iBalance)
void ShowHelp (void)
void ShowThemeCredits (void)
void UnXMLize (std::string &oData)
void UpdateMetaData (const PlaylistItem *pItem)
void UpdateThread ()
void UpdateTimeDisplay (int iCurrentTime)
void UpdateTitleDisplay (void)

Protected Attributes

bool m_bBufferingUp
bool m_bInOptions
bool m_bPaused
bool m_bPlayShown
bool m_bSeekInProgress
bool m_bShowBuffers
bool m_bVolumeChangeInProgress
Equalizer * m_eq
TimeDisplayState m_eTimeDisplayState
TitleDisplayState m_eTitleDisplayState
FILE * m_fpFile
float m_fSecondsPerFrame
int m_iBalance
int m_iCurrentSeconds
int m_iErrorLine
int m_iFramesSinceSeek
int m_iMuteVolume
int m_iSeekPos
int m_iSeekSeconds
int m_iStartupType
int m_iTotalSeconds
int m_iVolume
std::string m_oAlbum
std::string m_oArtist
std::string m_oComment
std::string m_oCurrentWindow
std::string m_oFileName
std::string m_oGenre
std::string m_oHeadlineUrl
std::string m_oLastError
std::string m_oStreamInfo
std::string m_oThemePath
std::string m_oTitle
std::string m_oTrackName
std::string m_oTrackNo
Pos m_oWindowPos
std::string m_oXML
std::string m_oYear
FAContext * m_pContext
Headlines * m_pHeadlineGrabber
HeadlineInfo * m_pHeadlines
Thread * m_pOptionsThread
HeadlineInfo * m_pParsedHeadlines
ThemeManager * m_pThemeMan
UpdateManager * m_pUpdateMan
Thread * m_pUpdateThread
Window * m_pWindow
std::string m_themeCache
Thread * m_uiThread
uint32_t m_uScanOffset

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