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Player Class Reference

#include <player.h>

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Detailed Description

Player class representing the main class

Definition at line 74 of file player.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual Error AcceptEvent (Event *)
ZINF_EXPORT void AddTheme (const char *url)
virtual RegistryItem * ChooseLMC (const char *szUrl)
virtual RegistryItem * ChoosePMI (const char *szUrl, char *szTitle=NULL)
char * GetExtension (const char *title)
Registry * GetLMCRegistry () const
Registry * GetPMIRegistry () const
ZINF_EXPORT Registry * GetPMORegistry () const
char * GetProtocol (const char *title)
Registry * GetUIRegistry () const
void HandleSingleArg (char *arg)
ZINF_EXPORT bool IsSupportedExtension (const char *ext)
bool IsSupportedProtocol (const char *proto)
int32_t RegisterActiveUI (UserInterface *ui)
int32_t RegisterLMCs (Registry *registry)
int32_t RegisterPMIs (Registry *registry)
int32_t RegisterPMOs (Registry *registry)
int32_t RegisterUIs (Registry *registry)
void Run ()
bool SetArgs (int32_t argc, char **argv)
void SetTerminationSemaphore (Semaphore *)
PlayerState State () const
void testQueue ()
ZINF_EXPORT void UpdateCDNow ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void EventServiceThreadFunc (void *)
static PlayerGetPlayer (FAContext *context)

Protected Member Functions

void CDTimer ()
int32_t CompareNames (const char *, const char *)
void CreatePMO (const PlaylistItem *pc, Event *pC)
void GetUIManipLock ()
 Player (FAContext *context)
void ReleaseUIManipLock ()
void SendToUI (Event *)
int32_t ServiceEvent (Event *)
bool SetState (PlayerState)
void Usage (const char *)

Static Protected Member Functions

static void cd_timer (void *arg)

Protected Attributes

FAContext * m_context

Private Member Functions

void ChangePosition (Event *pEvent)
void DoneOutputting (Event *pEvent)
void GetMediaInfo (Event *pEvent)
void GetMediaTitle (Event *pEvent)
void GetVolume (Event *pEvent)
void HandleMediaInfo (Event *pEvent)
void HandleMediaTimeInfo (Event *pEvent)
void HandlePrefsChanged (Event *pEvent)
void HandleQueryState ()
void Next (Event *pEvent)
void Pause (Event *pEvent)
void Play (Event *pEvent)
void Previous (Event *pEvent)
int Quit (Event *pEvent)
int ReadyToDieUI (Event *pEvent)
void SendEventToCatalog (Event *pEvent)
void SendEventToUI (Event *pEvent)
void SendVisBuf (Event *pEvent)
void SetEQData (Event *pEvent)
void SetVolume (Event *pEvent)
void Stop (Event *pEvent)
void TogglePause (Event *pEvent)
void ToggleUI (Event *pEvent)
void UnPause (Event *pEvent)

Private Attributes

int32_t m_argc
std::vector< std::string > m_argUIList
char ** m_argv
bool m_autoplay
UserInterface * m_browserUI
bool m_bTrackChanging
TimerRef m_cdTimer
bool m_cdTimerActive
bool m_didUsage
DownloadManager * m_dlm
UserInterface * m_downloadUI
bool m_eqEnabled
float m_eqPreamp
float m_eqValues [32]
Queue< Event * > * m_eventQueue
Semaphore * m_eventSem
Thread * m_eventServiceThread
int32_t m_imQuitting
LogicalMediaConverter * m_lmc
std::map< std::string,
RegistryItem * > * 
Mutex * m_lmcMutex
Registry * m_lmcRegistry
MusicCatalog * m_musicCatalog
PlayerState m_playerState
PlaylistManager * m_plm
Mutex * m_pmiMutex
std::map< std::string,
RegistryItem * > * 
Registry * m_pmiRegistry
PhysicalMediaOutput * m_pmo
Mutex * m_pmoMutex
Registry * m_pmoRegistry
Properties m_props
Semaphore * m_pTermSem
int32_t m_quitWaitingFor
Semaphore * m_signatureSem
Thread * m_signatureThread
PhysicalMediaOutput * m_sigspmo
Mutex * m_sigStopMutex
UserInterface * m_ui
std::vector< UserInterface * > * m_uiList
Mutex * m_uiManipLock
Mutex * m_uiMutex
Registry * m_uiRegistry

Static Private Attributes

static Playerm_thePlayer = NULL

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